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Today we get on the phone with 3 members of the SC Homes team as we discuss what makes an effective client. Huge thanks to Sean Thomas, Joey Ertz, and Jeremy Rogers for contributin...

WE ARE BACK! The returning episode of Luxury Living with Scott Cross.  In this episode, we bring the show back to life and help Scott find his voice. With no guest this week, Scott...

Luxury Living isn't always about fancy homes and cars.  On this episode of Luxury Living Scott interviews his wife, Shannon Cross, about her ambition in the fashion industry and be...

An amazing podcast which should teach everyone about the world of wine cellars and the ability to keep your wine safe.  

Listen to find out what kind of tree blows up in fires!

This is a product that just didn't exist until James created it.  Listen to his story of how he got his company to grow through one specific ad.

What does a $7500 toilet get you - well listen and find out!

Scott Cross, Founder and President of SC Homes , interviews Rod Jebeher about architecture trends throughout the last 25 years in Newport Beach.

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